FWPP Monitoring – A Community Based Effort

The goal of the FWPP in the Rio de Flag and Lake Mary Watersheds is to reduce the risk of destructive wildfire and subsequent flooding, enhance ecological conditions, protect the watersheds, and provide social and economic benefits to the community.

As the effort evolves, the City intends to monitor relevant outcomes throughout the 10 years of the project. Key monitoring questions have been be developed in four broad categories that include:

1) Fire Behavior

2) Hydrologic Response

3) Socioeconomic and

4) Other Ongoing/Potential Monitoring Projects

As monitoring activities are planned and executed, the FWPP Team intends to seek-out external funding to expand efforts. In addition, to support citizen science and community involvement, the inclusion of students and community members in the effort will be considered in specific monitoring projects.


A monitoring plan has been completed. Read the full document here: FWPP Monitoring Report update 2018

FOR FWPP MONITORING ACTIVITIES – see the sub-tabs under the Monitoring tab