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FWPP Documentary Film

This updated version of the film first-posted last year, now is 45 minutes in length and includes recent footage of Prescribed Fire operations, to include pile and broadcast burns, along with footage of the Air Curtain Burn Unit.  

Potential Flooding & Sandbag update

Potential Flooding & Sandbags update by US Forest Service District Ranger Matt McGrath

An update on potential flooding by US Forest Service District Ranger Matt McGrath.For more information, visit your Sand Bags!▪ Please Do Not Dispose of Your Sandbags!▪ Disposal of sandbags is owner’s responsibility.▪ Sandbags cannot be put in City trash cans orplaced curbside for City bulk pickup.▪ Sandbags can be taken to the Cinder LakeLandfill or if they are in good shape, returned tothe sandbag station at 2625 N. King Street.▪ Protect Your Sandbags! Cover them with plastic

Posted by Flagstaff Vice Mayor Adam Shimoni on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This is a quick Nov 19 update by US Forest Service District Ranger Matt McGrath

Museum Fire Aerial Mulching

This short video shows Burned Area Emergency Response work underway in the Dry Lake Hills area (Sept 2019).   As a result of the Museum Fire earlier this summer, this work necessary to help stabilize soils and prevent erosion from high-intensity rain storms.  Each net-load holds around 1 ton of chips.  Logs at Deck-site H-5, at the very top of the mountain, were chipped last week.  As of yesterday (23 Sept 19), spreading of chips was about 50% complete, with total completion expected in next 2-3 days.   

FWPP Documentary

This 31 minute film explores the history, goals, partnerships, and work underway within the project area – the first such project of its kind in the nation.

Interview with Flagstaff District Ranger Matt McGrath

Matt McGrath provides update on the Project and Closure: filmed Apr 22nd

Interview with City Project Manager Paul Summerfelt

Filmed Apr 22nd

Deck/Landing operations

These two videos show what occurs on the ground/landing area where logs are being decked by the Helicopter.  This location is about half-way up the Mt Elden Rd.

Steep Slope operations

This video shows one-of-two steep slope ground-based operations underway at this time in the Dry lake Hills area.  Work is progressing at a steady pace, and we are pleased with the care the operators are demonstrating.  (The orange marked trees are LEAVE trees and will not be cut.)  This work will continue throughout the summer, and individuals are reminded for their safety and the safety of the operator, the area is CLOSED to public entry.  We ask all to respect the CLOSURE.

Fox 10 News coverage – Helicopter Operations

View on-going operations, April 1, 2019 Dry Lake Hills field operations

Forest Closure – Dry Lake Hills area

This video discusses the current Forest Closure and the work underway in the Dry Lake Hills area immediately north of Flagstaff.

FWPP Helicopter Operations

In Jan 2019, helicopter logging operations began in the Dry Lake Hills area.  This specialized treatment method is used on sites that are inaccessible to ground-based equipment, but which are critically important to reducing the threat of destructive wildfire and post-fire flooding into the community.  The operation has attracted attention, but for for your safety, and the safety of those involved in the operation itself, Stay Away – Stay Safe. 

FWPP Prescribed Fire Operations

Thinning, harvesting, and debris disposal are not the only field operations underway within the project area.  Prescribed fire – both broadcast (across surface of the ground) and pile (limited to previously constructed debris piles – is occurring as well.  Broadcast burns reduce fuel amounts, as well as re-invigorate grass and shrubs, and help to control the number of tree seedlings in a given area.  Here is a short video showing how a well-managed broadcast burn moves across the forest floor.

 FWPP and American Conservation Experience

In 2017 the American Conservation Experience (ACE) and FWPP collaborated on a grant offered by the National Forest Foundation. The grant was awarded to the FWPP project and was used to hire, train, and deploy a team of emerging forestry and conservation professionals. Here is their story

FWPP Observatory Mesa – Debris Disposal Operations

From 2015-2018, various areas on the City’s Observatory Mesa Open Space were thinned/harvested.  This video shows how much of the debris was processed: ultimately, this material was transported to the Coronado Generating Station in St Johns AZ where the Salt River Project conducted various tests on generating electricity by burning this green-waste with coal.

FWPP Observatory Mesa – A Bird’s Eye View of Harvesting Operations

In 2017, The Nature Conservancy teamed-up with City officials to provide both drone and in-cab footage of harvesting operations underway on City Open Space.  Here’s two unique views of the work that goes on in the forest:

FWPP Overview

This video was created by NAU’s School of Communications’ senior capstone class.

FWPP Awareness Video

This video was created by NAU’s School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability capstone class.