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This past Friday, Senator Jon Kyl, Undersecretary of Agriculture Jim Hubbard, and Acting Deputy Chief of the US Forest Service Chris French visited the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP).

The event was part of a three-stop forest tour orchestrated by Dr Wally Covington and Diane Vosick of NAU’s Ecological Restoration Institute.  Hosted by Laura Jo West, Coconino National Forest Supervisor, Erin Carey, Acting Ranger of the Flagstaff District, Vice-Mayor Jamie Whelan, and City FWPP staff, the site visit allowed the visitors to see first-hand on-going operations and learn about status, plans, and needs moving forward.

“Senator Kyl and Undersecretary Hubbard have been long-time supporters of forest treatments to reduce fire and flood risk” said Matt Millar, the City’s FWPP Operations Specialist.  “We appreciate them taking the time to visit us and their continued interest in our success”.

In addition to the visit, the AZ Daily Sun has written an article discussing the status of FWPP Phase II, and well as highlights from Senator Kyl’s visit. Read it here.