Location: North of Flagstaff in the Dry Lake Hills; and south of Lake Mary at Mormon Mountain
Agencies Involved: USFS Coconino National Forest, City of Flagstaff and AZ State
Total project size: Approx 15,300 acres [includes a patchwork of completed NEPA from other projects (~1,800 ac), new NEPA (10,500 ac), and AZ State lands (3,000)]

view from mt eldon

Vegetation and steep slopes in the Dry Lake Hills/Mt. Elden area.

  • The Forest Service, City, and State are working together to reduce the risk of severe fire and flooding in the Rio de Flag and Lake Mary watersheds.
  • The Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project is a high priority for the Coconino National Forest, City of Flagstaff, and State of AZ
  • Flagstaff voters passed the $10 million bond with approximately 74% approval
  • The bond will support fuels treatment efforts in crucial watersheds in the Dry Lake Hills and Mormon Mountain areas.
  • The 2010 Schultz Fire demonstrated the potential impacts of severe fire and flooding near the community.
  • Severe post-fire flooding could directly impact multiple neighborhoods, downtown Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University, and Lake Mary (approximately 50% of the City’s water supply).
  • Implementation is expected to begin this year; work will likely continue for the next 8-10 years.
  • Given the proximity to Flagstaff and the popularity of these areas, this project will be highly visible to the public.
  • Public involvement is a key element in this endeavor. We encourage the public to be actively engaged throughout the process.
    • Get up-to-date information online, attend public meetings, submit formal comments during the NEPA analysis, and contact us anytime throughout the project.
  • The project begins with an environmental analysis process – underway since the Nov 2012 election – that will evaluate the various potential treatments.
    • Public feedback during this process helps determine treatments
  • Treatments could include traditional logging, hand thinning, prescribed fire, helicopter logging and cable logging.