The Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project boundary includes a patchwork of:

  • Sections of state land
  • City land
  • Sections of National Forest that were previously analyzed (before FWPP) by the Coconino National Forest and are ready for approved treatments to begin
  • Sections of National Forest that have been approved under a Final Record of Decision (Oct. 22, 2015). These analyses on federal lands follow procedures established by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The Lingo:

You may hear the phrases “NEPA ready”  “completed NEPA” and “shelf stock” used to refer to areas that already have been analyzed as part of previous projects and are ready for implementation.

What is NEPA?

The National Environmental Policy Act is our basic national charter for protection of the environment. It establishes policy, sets goals, and contains provisions to make sure federal agencies act according to the spirit of the act.

The NEPA process involves conducting scientific analyses and incorporating input from agency experts and the public when planning environmental projects on federal lands. This results in a comprehensive examination of the project – including all the possible activities that could take place and subsequent consequences of those activities – which enables us to make the best decisions before we proceed with implementation. The NEPA analysis was completed on Oct. 22, 2015 with a Final Record of Decision: click here